Realizing the importance of Why You Should Serve the Lord

Acts 26: 12-23

In the book “The mission of the Crisis” issued by the Torch Mitra Indonesia, Jakarta 2003, p. 40-44, Good Surjantoro wrote in an article titled “Reasons to Serve God”:

“There are various factors behind why a person who serves the Lord. But the most important factor underlying the true ministry is God’s call. Factor God’s call will make a person live to serve, not serve for life. Since the calls also, someone with real experience will grace of God in her life and then will make the love of God and neighbor as the basis for life and ministry. People who have the motivation of love for God and neighbor, which will be more resilient “ in the service. Paul is one example of someone who has God’s call clear in his life. That’s what makes life so extraordinary and his ministry in the hands of God and a blessing to many people.

If God calls, He knows who summoned him and for what. If God wants us to do something, He knows that we are able to do so by his grace. Our God is great God and He can do all things. He who set the universe, He who owns the earth and everything in it, the sea and all that dwell therein. We are the ones who are often small-minded and stunted, making as though God could not do anything about it. Pettiness and the smallness of faith that becomes a barrier for us so that we can not see the greatness of God over all His creation, including well over our lives. “

Proposition: We have chosen of God to serve Him.
Sentence Question: How do we are chosen of God to serve Him?
Transitional Sentence: The facts how do we are chosen of God to serve Him?

I. Realize, Assessment Services it is the Lord (v. 16).

In this passage, especially verse. 14-15 Paul explained to King Agrippa how the Lord called him: “14. We all fell to the ground and I heard a voice saying to me in Hebrew:” Saul, Saul, why do you persecute me? “It’s hard for you to kick to the pole stimuli. 15. But I answered: Who art thou, Lord? He said, `I am Jesus, whom you are persecuting.” Notice how North Paul declares how God chose. Lord chose not because he can meet the standards of God’s truth. Consider the record of the time such election. At that time, Paul was on his way to Damsyk for the purpose of persecuting the congregation of the LORD is there. That’s where the Lord caught it and set it to be a “servant of Him.”

Reviewed from time, and this selection process, is surely one thing that kontropersial. Is not the LORD, who is personally selecting the omniscient, Glorified, the Most Just, and All-merciful? His existence as a person of the Most Just, requires the LORD punish Paul. But in this passage Paul explains that in his encounter with the Lord on the road to Damsyk, the Lord chose, and set them to be His servants and witnesses. This event was explained to us that Paul was chosen not because of who Paul is. Not because he meets the criteria of a servant of God, but God chose and set them to be His servants is because HE himself who took the initiative to do so. A similar thing happened with us in our time. Therefore, value choices and the determination of the LORD, who has menetapkanmu become his servants.

Illustration: Jim Caviezel is a regular actor with small roles. And who starred in films also not large. Role of the best I have ever played is a war movie with the title “THE THIN RED LINE ‘. There too he is only one role among the major actors who played in the film’s colossal. In The Thin Red Line, Jim served as a soldier who sacrificed for the sake of helping his friends who were wounded and encircled the enemy, he ran the enemy in the other direction even though he knew he would die, and finally surrounded and they killed him.

Kharisma kindness, friendliness, and this would attract attention berkorbannya Mel Gibson, who was looking for the right actor to portray the concept of film that had long kept, waiting for the right person to memerankannya. Finally they held a meeting with Jim to discuss the bid for the role. Mel and then explains at length about the film to be made. Film about Jesus that is different from other movie ever made about him. Mel also said that it would be very difficult in this film portrays, one of which Jim had to learn the language and dialect of Aramaic, the language used in those days. And Mel then glared Jim, later asserted that the biggest risk may be encountered. He says if Jim plays this film will probably be the end of his career as an actor in Hollywood.

In silence waiting for Jim’s decision whether to be played in the movie, Mel Gibson, Jim asked: ‘Mel did you choose me because my name was too similar to the initials of Jesus Christ (Jim Caviezel), and I was now 33 years old, together with the age of Jesus Christ when He was crucified ‘? Mel shook her head half-stunned, shocked, he was a little scary. He did not know about it, nor escape his notice. He chose Jim purely because of his role in ‘The Thin Red Line’. Jim later said: “Well Mel, I think it’s not a coincidence, this is my call sign, everyone must take up his cross. When he refused to carry it then he would break the cross on top. I bear the risk, let’s make this movie! “

Implementation: Awareness of the case and to determine how the Lord chose to be His servants enable us to do that ministry. Whatever the risks, did not become a barrier that means to keep doing it until God’s purpose through these services materialize.

II. Know that service can not be separated from the testimony (v. 16).
Christian ministry and kesakasian is a unity that can not be separated. In other words, so if we refer to as the housing ministry, the testimony is the content. Think like a single container is not used, then the container remained one container filled with dust. Similarly, the content of some things, or whatever it is. Without a good place to contain it, it will be scattered everywhere, even be broken up into piles of trash discarded.

Rev. Nathanael Channing, in his writings on the theme “Basic Instinct 1 – The Nature of Service” page one, quoting Luther as saying “Here I stand I can not do anything else, God help me”. Nathanael asserted: “Services are:

“Response to the grace of God which has saved mankind in Jesus Christ, to surrender themselves as servants of God which is realized through the offering of the holy and righteous life, dedicated himself in bearing the cross of Christ to carry out the vision and mission of God in saving mankind”

Paul mentions the Lord Jesus called her goal is for him to be “servants and witnesses.” Acts 26: 16. reads: “But now, get up and stand up. I’ve appeared to you to assign you a servant and witness of all things which you have seen from me and about what will I show to you later.”

This passage teaches how close relationship between the ministry and witness. Services must be sourced from what is Paul seen from the Lord. This passage also teaches that the nature of the revelation of the Lord to show it is not something that character only when Paul was arrested a servant of his Lord. But the Lord will still show it to Paul. Relation to the context of the present is let every servant of the Lord based his ministry to God’s revelation. Therefore, every servant of the LORD must have an intimate relationship with the owner of that ministry. In the Acts of the Apostles 26: 17-18, the apostle Paul tells of God’s purpose to set a servant and witness it this way: “I will alienate you from this nation and from other nations. And I’m sending you to them, to open eyes them, so they turned away from the power of Satan to God, to them by their faith in me getting a part in what was determined for those who are sanctified. “

Arduous task instead? But we should imitate Paul. Even though he knew the risks of the task, he said in verse 19: “Therefore, O king Agrippa, the vision of heaven that I never disobeyed” In the next paragraph is clear to us what caused that experienced by Paul. He told his obedience evidence in serving the Lord. Paul’s obedience to the orders of the Lord in faith to see the new life-threatening risk. Paul says : “But first I preach to the Jews in Damascus, in Jerusalem and in all Judea, and also to the Gentiles, that they should repent and turn to God and doing jobs that match repentance. That’s why the Jews seized me in the temple, and tried to kill me “(Acts 26: 20-21).

Here the obvious to us how hard it is to bear the risk. But we see that he should experience it once did, he kept it running. The Bible describes people who live in obedience to the commandment of the LORD. They are willing to pay the price for an observance, like Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. But on the other hand, the Bible also speaks of the disobedience, and consequently, like Saul, Jonah, and many of the kings of Israel. Need we ask why Paul remained faithful, even if he had to have the risk until it almost killed?

Paul’s obedience to determine how large the number of people aware of the existence of sin. When a person is aware of the existence of sin, when it began to open his spiritual eyes. Thus he realized that he need the the Savior. Paul’s obedience to determine how large the number of people apart from being taken power of the devil. This verse explains the secret of experiencing spiritual growth that leads people to the power of the Lord Jesus who memerdekakannya perfectly.

Reinhard Bonke said “Let me tell you a little secret: God does not use special talented people. He uses ordinary people like you and me to touch the world with his healing power. What makes the service a growing Reinhard Bonke? Because he witnessed in his ministry of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

Illustration: The filming of The Passion Of Christ, many challenges and difficulties that should naturally Jim Caviezel. Sometimes he could not afford to pass it. instance when he had to carry the cross and weighed ukuranya identical with the cross of Jesus. When wood is placed on his shoulders, he was surprised how hard the wood. when timber was laid on his shoulder, his shoulder was not strong to bear the heavy burden of the joints were so loose. As a result he groaned endure unspeakable pain. he even had time to issue a harsh word for lack of response of the other crews saw what they experienced.

In another session, when he had to portray Jesus flogged,, his flesh torn because the affected native sharpness of the whip on his skin. Jim react to it in the dependences of the Lord in his prayers. Jim in his testimony says: Finally only one I can do, as Jesus did is a lot more praying. Pleading instruction to do all this. Because I was playing She’s somebody who’s so big. My past is not a deep relationship with Him. I was born to a devout Catholic family, good habits in the family had continued to follow and be a good foundation in me. And now I’ve been in my top role. Yes, Lord, Thou who has planned it all, and brought up here. That distract you from a career in basketball, leading me to be an actor, and made me arrive at this point. Because thou hast chosen, then whatever happens, happens according to Your will. Any way, after going through the process for making a very difficult movie, where Jim lives sometimes be at stake. And the Lord visit Jim and all the crew who took part in making the film. Even the Roman soldiers cast is a Muslim after scene, he was crying and accept Jesus as his Lord. The scene was so touching. That was incredible. Though initially they came only because to call it a profession and occupation, for the sake of money. But the experiences in that movie changed us all, the experience will not be forgotten

Application: Lord has set you and I become his servant, with the aim that many souls to know Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior. God has put us on the right ministry positions. There are placed in schools, there is the Lord placed in the workplace. Come Worship the Lord in dependence to the DIA who have entrusted it to our service.

III. Surely the Lord mold you and me according to His will (v. 17-18).

England midfielder Frank Lampard believes his team can win the 2010 World Cup this time. he said, the Three Lions have the most qualified team of quality and equitable. Only hope to be a champion could be a nightmare if they were forced to penalties. England have always fared poorly when forced to compete this kick finalty.

Since the 1990 World Cup, England knocked out of five tournaments (European Cup and World Cup) on penalties. Each lost two times from Portugal, and Germany, as well as all of Argentina. Because of a curse that, though sure squad have huge potential to win the World Cup a second time, Lampard asked his colleagues to erase bad memories about the first penalty shootout. “Admittedly, penalties as a ghost scary for us. And, this is not concerned about the technical. We all already know what to do when executing penalties. Actually it is all about mental, and may involve changing the curse,” he was quoted from The Sun, yesterday. He later complained that penalties somehow like an inescapable curse. He was frank, if the time comes there must be penalties, and mentally the players have not ‘worked’ it’s not impossible later the players will actually repel an interpreter to be executed. “Regardless of any good as we play all 120 minutes. No matter how tough we are fighting any kind. But as penalties go, we would said ‘Oh, we must do this again’,” he said as he swore. Because the ‘curse’ that has been mapped in his mind, he continued, it was difficult to avoid, and precisely so additional mental load. “It became a kind of disease that must be disposed of in the mind,” he added.

Lampard then refer to the German team, known champion in matters of penalty kicks. “That is why Germany is very good at penalties. They have a good history on penalties. So they are so confident. While we are shaded by a curse,” he said. Exercise of Special Affairs penalties was apparently so serious attention of England coach, Fabio Capello. The Italian coach was promised to pursue all means to his team really ready to face ‘hell’ was high five-round knockout tosan later. “We always do special exercises every workout penalties. But, of course the situation is very different. Very easily scored from the penalty spot during practice because the pressure is very different from the actual game,” said Capello was quoted from (quoted from http:/ /

Consider how serious football coaches face World Cup some time ago. Service is one contest that requires expertise tinggi.

Dr. James D. Kennedy, author of Evangelism Explotion special training in how to conduct effective menginjilis to three friends in Florida. Dr. Kennedy makes an analogy about the difficulty melayankan gospel is like flying an airplane. The hardest thing in flying is to determine the precise moment when the peling for takeoff, and when to land it back.

“A survey done by Christianity Today demonstrated EE That is today the most widely Used for training tool for evangelism Fathers and Laity. EE not only empowers trainees to gain confidence in presenting the Gospel, it enables Them changed from trainers of other soul-winners, Thus setting entire Churches on fire for evangelistic outreach to friends and Neighbours “. (Dr. James Kennedy, Ph.. D)

“James Kennedy has recaptured the biblical concept That the church’s primary task is Every-member evangelism. ‘The Church having come to Christ, is to go for Christ.” (Dr. Billy Graham). quoted from

Before the Lord really put Paul as His servants and witnesses, the apostle Paul in Acts 26: 17, said “I will alienate you from this nation and from other nations. And I’m sending you to them,” Case the hardest thing in human life is when he was exiled from his group. Loneliness is the greatest enemy of mankind. But if humans can overcome her loneliness, she would be able to bear the burden of his life. According to Les Carter, “Loneliness is a feeling of separation, isolation, or distance in human relations means. Loneliness emotional pain, feeling empty, and longing to feel understood and accepted by someone.” (Quoted from Tim Hansel, “Through the wilderness of Loneliness” (Elgin, Ill.: David C. Cook, 1991), 59-60.) That was published in . But we saw how the Lord used to litigants with Paul’s lonely.

A similar thing happened to Bruce E. Olson. In his book titled “Brucho for this cross, I’ll kill you” tells how his experience with the Lord. He is a young man aged 19 years when he had to leave home and go to the mountains of South America. He knew the Lord would call him. He began to feel the call when he was aged 14 years. When Bruce realized the Lord calls him, he began to question who is his Lord. He tried to find the answer to that question, but no one can give a satisfactory answer to his heart.

As a follower of the small Lutheran, Bruce knew God as the Lord is hard and must prosecute human acts according to his deeds. Bruce also know God other than the school. All this made him confused.

In search of answers tersebutia read the book of John and find a different LORD. He found the Lord who has compassion on him and to the souls of the lost. God wills to serve in South America, which is among the Indian tribes Motilone. Then God withdrew him from his family environment, far from modern communication facilities. Almost killed, and nearly died from liver disease is not treated, but was released God’s miraculous way.

In accordance with the time of the LORD, Brucho successfully made contact with the tribe Motilone. Through Brucho service that always depends on the Lord, people Motilone known as cannibals, and malignant submit to the gospel of Christ. Motilone impact people transformed the Lord. This becomes one of evidence that also affects indian tribes around him to accept Christ as Lord and Savior.

Implementation: Creation of the Lord to every one of us is different from one another. But in the process of forming it, everyone will feel that uncomfortable. But everyone who made it through the process of formation that will definitely see results, where the GOD Participate working. And in the end God’s purpose in his election to us will be fulfilled as a maid.

Written by: Manto Manurung, S.Th.


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