Maturity of a servan of GOD!

Are the characteristics the maturity of servant of the Lord?

I. Maturity is a servant of God is not measured by age but from the level of mastery of self and the material around it (1 Cor 13: 11).

Childhood (Child) is a term that is closely connected with the level of human age. A child is a human being with a limit of 0-4 years of age. Children aged 0-4 years is the children who need special attention. In each stage of development there are specific characteristics, as well as early childhood was marked by certain characteristics, according to Hurlock (1980:108) traits is reflected in the common name given by parents, educators, and experts psychology:

  1. The term Used Parents. There are some term to describe a childhood right, as the range of behaviors and activities that made the children, most parents consider the early period of childhood as an age which invites problems or difficult age. Childhood is a difficult period for parents because of the early childhood is that children are developing a unique personality and demanding freedom that is generally less successful. In addition, the majority of parents also thought their early childhood as a toy for children ages easily spend most of the time also played with his toys.
  2. The term used Educators. While educators call the early childhood age as preschool age, pre-school age is the age that have not entered the age of school or were still in kindergarten, play groups or day care children.
  3. The term Used Psychology Expert. Psychologists use a number of different designations to describe the salient features of the psychological development of children during early childhood.

 One term that is widely used is the age group, years in which the children learn the basics of social behavior in preparation for a higher social life necessary for adjustment at the time they enter first grade. Because of the major developments that occurred during early childhood and ranged around the mastery of environmental control, many psychologists who labeled themselves early childhood as an age of exploring, a label that shows the child wants to know the state of its environment, how the mechanism, how he felt and how he can be part of the environment, including humans and inanimate objects. One common way in exploring the environment is to ask, so this period is to imitate speech and behavior of others, therefore this period is also called to imitate age. However, this trend appears strong but more children showed creativity in play during childhood compared to other periods in his life, for this reason psychologists also call this period as a creative age. 

Term childhood identical to human groups from the class that is difficult to express his opinion.
“Dad was mbing. ngeng … .. ngeng ngeng … din … din …
What kid, baby play what? play toy cars huh? … mbing dad. ”
“Aya mo tu” want what my son? Mo ueh ma ”
Not infrequently we hear a conversation between child and parent as above. All living creatures have a language. With their language to communicate. According to Jo Ann Brewer in Introduction to Early Childhood Education, sixth edition, it is said that language is defined as a system of communication Used by human. It is produced Either orally or by signing, and it cans be extended to its writen form. So language is a communication system used by humans in the form of spoken language, sign language and written.
For many people who are older than this kid, seoperti language is often difficult to be understood. So the purpose of communication between the child with other people around them are not well targeted. 

The child is the one who attracted attention as much for himself.
Therefore, its existence is still not reached the level of self-control (emotions, skills for the proper functioning of the body perfectly). mastery of material around it, often someone else who should take over many Ahal associated with his life.
Other characteristics of a child:

  1. Emotional. The children experience the process feel, act and think. Meanwhile, adults think, act and finally felt. That is, an adult is a person who calmly consider each decision and not get caught up in emotions, feelings and environmental influences alone. Maturity requires an understanding of the truth without emotion is not controlled explosive.
  2. Selfish. Everyone has an ego, but people who are not mature beyond his ego so often become selfish. He also did not realize that he was selfish. The more selfish, he is getting far to go beyond maturity. Maturity is menyadarakan will the real existence, but it’s not selfish and flung the existence of others.
  3. Inconsistent. The basis of an adult character is consistent. Conversely, if someone still be inconsistent, easily influenced to the new things that damage the previous commitment aka disloyal and womanizer, it is difficult for him to reach maturity even meet for the adult age. Consistency is properly owned by persons who have reached adulthood, but many do not pay attention to the consistency of her, either against themselves or against others.
  4. Not exactly an appointment. Words of adults is a measure of his character. If his words can be held and believed, means-tested maturity. However, if the words coming out of his mouth just words without meaning that is easy to be denied, meaning he has not grown. The more intense in keeping the promises, the proven maturity. And usually people who are not mature yet easy promises he did not know whether he can keep that promise.
  5. Irresponsible. As social beings, humans are required to have responsibilities, both to himself and to others. However, awareness of responsibility exists only in the minds of adults. People who do not tend to be confused with adult responsibilities and often look for scapegoats to delegate that responsibility.
  6. Like hiding. Each person would have overwritten the various problems that often problems that arise in the form of a very difficult to reach a very critical stage. At the critical moment occurs, that is when maturity at trial. People who are adults will bravely face the problem. But people who are not adults will run and hide, as with so the problem will be completed.
  7. Only responds to force. Minors are those who only responds when forced or pressured. Compulsion and pressure could be in the form of hope to get compensation, subordination, compensation, or a sense of frustration.

Age is a lot of people call themselves servants of God, but do not understand the task responsibilities. They are often a trouble maker. But when troubled with the people around him, he did not realize would not even acknowledge that the source of the problem is actually himself. People of this type often throwing stones to hide the hand. Once the problem is huge, and people are more adults trying to mediate the matter, he was blaming others. Would not this be a characteristic of a child? They think like a child. So often we call them “Childish” or unskilled man who never experienced ”

Paul said: “When I was a child, I Spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child “: Pls but I Became a man, I put away Childish Things”

G3516 “nepios” From an obsolete particle ne ?; implying negation and G2031; not speaking, that is, an infant (minor); figuratively a simple minded person, an immature Christian: – babe, child (-ish).
Thayer Definition:
1. an infant, little child
2. a minor, not of age
3. Childish metaphorically, untaught, unskilled
Part of Speech: adjective
Dear brother, Paul made it clear to us so do not be like a child. Let’s do more focused on ourselves, but began to broaden the focus of our attention to those around us. Lift particularly focus on the people around us so they can see the Lord God and our Father and His Son Jesus Christ. When we managed to direct their attention to God, and in the end they see the greatness of love, power and grandeur of His plan for them. Thus they have helped him so that their lives transformed. Let us learn to be servants of God today.
  II. Maturity is a servant of the Lord is not measured by his many gifts of the Spirit
    Spiritual gifts are important and we need to be able to perform tasks in this world. But the gifts of the Spirit is not the main focus of why God gave it to you and me.
    Why Paul rebuked the church of God at Corinth this? Because they’ve acted like a little boy who got a new toy. Notes from 1 Corinthians 12-14 is from Paul’s explanation of what spiritual gifts are and how the gift should be used. Paul mentions in 1 Corinthians 12: 6-11:
6 And there are all sorts of miraculous deeds, but God is the one who does it all in all people. 7 But to each person given the revelation of the Spirit for the common good. 8 For to the one Spirit gives the gift to speak with wisdom, and to another the same Spirit gives the gift to speak with knowledge. 9 To the one same Spirit gives faith, and to others He gives the gift to heal. 10 To the one Spirit gives the power to make miracles, and to others He gives the gift of prophecy, and to still others He gives the gift to differentiate the various spirits. To the one he gave the gift to speak in tongues, and to others He gives the gift to interpret tongues. 11 But everything is done by the Spirit is one and the same, which gives gifts to every person in particular, as He wills.
And then in 1 Corinthians 12: 31 Paul says: So try to obtain the gifts of the most important. And I show you the way that more mainstream again. What roads are mainly that? Furthermore, in 1 Corinthians 13: 13 Paul says, “This is the third live it: faith, hope and love, and the greatest of these is love.”
Now it is clear to us that maturity is a servant of God is not measured by how many gifts on them. A mature man of God who truly knows is what the gift of the Spirit, and how to live as a servant of God that adult. He is a man who reached the stage of life in love with the size of the highest.
 III. Maturity is a servant of God is determined by how much he can perform its function
A.  Maturity in general can be viewed from several aspects, including (quoted from:
1. Adults are physically, where the reproductive organs are functioning optimally characterized by good sperm production in males and egg production in females adequate. In addition to the development of body muscle cells, indicating at once distinguish male and female.
2. Psychologically mature, characterized by the ability to resolve problems and conflicts that happen in life.
3. Adults in social-economic, revealed in a person’s ability to be independent, membiyayai needs alone and handle a variety of things with their own abilities.
In addition to the above three points of maturity can also be viewed from several capabilities, such as:
1. The ability to recognize and accept yourself
2. The ability of accepting the existence of direct lainKemampuan life to others
3. The ability to think and act independently, and prohibit send yourself, know the duties and responsibilities, and able to discern what is true and not true.
4. Dare to accept the risk of what has been decided.
We have studied adults in general terms, now let us see the meaning behind the word “mature” that is intended by Paul in this passage.

1Co 13:11 ” When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things”
“” When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things””
 G435 “Aner” A primary word (compare G444); a man (properly as an individual male): – fellow, husband, man, sir.

Thayer Definition:

  1. with reference to sex
    1. of a male
    2. of a husband
    3. of a betrothed or future husband
  2. with reference to age, and to distinguish an adult man from a boy
  3. any male
  4. Used generically of a group of both men and women

Part of Speech: noun masculine

  1. Mature male is someone who really has a sexuality that should exist in a man. This means that the shape of her body, organ-orangannya is purely male, not half-half. And he has a full awareness that he was an intact male. So people do not hesitate classify them as male. At this stage people are starting to think in a different way with a woman.
  2. Mature male is a man who is ready to become a husband. At this stage, a man no longer thought of himself. Everything he does is for the sake of her partner, and their children, and all the people in his home. He was responsible for the household.
  3. With the phrase “but when I became a man, I put away childish things” Paul not only rebuked the men, but all adults, both men and women. Paul is addressing these words to all the congregation of the LORD. As the congregation that God has redeemed His blood premises, the church is the servant of the Lord. Mature servant of God who is the servant of God who serve as agents of God’s kingdom. He is responsible to preach good news in to the world, and the other side he is also responsible to support the good news. He is a man with a full awareness of doing that responsibility


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